George Diary App

George’s Diary application is now available to android users! WHY DOWNLOAD IT?

  • You will have access to all of George O.N’s teachings without having to browse!
  • You can be sure of life changing devotionals!
  • You can read all the teachings in over many languages! Thanks to Google Translate!
  • You can watch George O.N’s videos once it is released! You can get also get podcasts!
  • Without consuming all of your Data, George’s Diary is automatically refreshed!
  • The teachings can transform you! It is not George’s word, it is God’s word.

Be among the first to download George’s Diary! Remember to distribute to others! IT IS FREE!


George’s Diary App is the best way to stay connected to George’s teachings on your android mobile while on the go. You can watch videos, read and even share articles with your friends. George’s Diary app is easy to navigate. Download free directly from our website.