Okay, let me talk about myself a little bit. It is not like I don’t have any other thing to talk about but I just want to repost this for your viewing pleasure.

I am a writer, a poet, a singer, a composer, a graphics designer, a teacher (some say preacher) a friend, a brother, someone’s enemy, someone’s husband (who?), nobody’s boyfriend, father of my unborn children, a lay-pastor, a leader, a counselor, a CEO, God’s son and still counting! I don’t know what I am to you… Most importantly, I AM A WORSHIPPER!
Many thinks I want to be a Priest, but it has never been something I desire more than being a productive Christian. It doesn’t mean I am not open to God’s direction…. Don’t be surprise seeing me on priestly garment tomorrow, don’t be surprise not seeing me as a priest tomorrow. But one thing is certain, I will always be a useful Christian.

Some say I am a Hyper Grace Preacher and some suggest I am a Law preacher… That’s funny to me because inasmuch as I am not perfect, I am someone who speaks solely by revelation and inspiration and many times my mode of communication is always misunderstood.

I am highly emotional… I can be extremely happy, I can be extremely sad, I am very generous to a fault. I give to a point that I am seen as stupid. I am easily touched by peoples situation. I hate seeing women suffering, I hate seeing the female folks being looked down upon skimpy because they are women!

I forgive easily even when easily saddened. I am a Christian and I am a pentecostal, charismatic and evangelical… Wait a minute! I am a core catholic! I love the Anglican Church to a fault but I am never ever denominational. As a matter of fact, I love other denominations with great passion. From childhood, I have known the history of various denominations and I have always desired ecumenism. Many Anglicans doesn’t see me as an Anglican anyway. To me, being an Anglican means being a Pentecostal, Evangelical, Methodical, Charismatic and Catholic…. To me it is something you can’t become without first becoming a Christian. I have a personal definition of what it is to be a Catholic… It doesn’t mean being in full communion with the Pope. It simply means being part of the big family of the Body of Christ.

I don’t like giving people much attention when unnecessary… If you see me giving you that attention, it means I really like you. That means I like you…. Yes you! When you are with me, you’ll either love to be with me everyday or hate to come around me… It depends on who you are. Truth is, when you walk away from me, there is something that makes you wanna come back and that is GRACE!

I hate it when I am misunderstood but I can’t help it! I hate being controversial but it seems I am. I hate it when kind gestures is understood as a kind of gesture! Watching someone sad is enough to make me cry! Hey…. And I love Dancing and singing the Lord’s song.

Am a husband to the most beautiful and happiest woman on earth. Am a father of beautiful, intelligent Holy Ghost filled kids.

I love kids… Hmmm… It doesn’t mean my home will be filled with kids.

I love beautiful, durable and fancy gadgets.
I love going the digital way! I believe technology came from God and I am one of those persons who have benefited from technology as regards ministry and propagation of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am gentle, I look really gentle but don’t take my gentility for granted. My wife will know how to sing because our morning devotion is always a family Worship Experience Service. My 1st son will be on the drums, my 1st Daughter will be on the keyboard, my 2nd son will be singing tenor, my 2nd Daughter will be singing soprano, my wife will be singing alto…. And me… I will be the worship leader!

Oh!!! Oh!!! Sorry… I forgot I was writing about me and it should strictly me but you know, we see with the eyes of faith and I am one of those very stubborn Christians who doesn’t believe in any reality that is outside of faith! Okay….

My name is Nnadozie Onyedika George. My birthday is 20th February…. I am a youth leader (some call it Pastor) in the Anglican Communion, I preach God’s grace and love with power and passion bestowed on me. I don’t keep the law but I love the Lord.

What else? I am best defined by God… I am fearfully and wonderfully made! What am I to you?

You see, there was a time, when I finally got frustrated enough with my old powerless, ineffective life even as a Christian. I decided it was time to either go big and take Jesus seriously, or give it all up. I went looking for the abundant life Jesus promised. It took some commitment. But what I found was even better than I hoped for. Now I’m purposely different. Now I’m #GracefullGeorge





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