I am single not because the Queen isn’t born yet,
In my world, the beautiful one has been born, I am not searching.
Like Queen Esther she’s undergoing decoration.
I am single not because I don’t know what is good for me,
I am picking up my Diamonds anywhere I find them.
I am single not because I am not fit to make great kids!
But Daddy wants to be trained to be a good father!
Daddy wants mummy and kids to be comfortable!
I am single because there are things I can only do when am single,
I am single because some capacity can only be built as a single…
I am single because I am building a fitting empire for the Queen and the royal family.
Some of my mates are married but I don’t let it time my time!
Some of my mates have picked their diamonds but I don’t let it distract me from discovering what belongs to me.
There is no need to rush, when the time is right, God will say “Son, look at this… What do you see?”, I will smile and reply “I can see my QUEEN… She shall be called My Wife”
I am single for better!
I am single not because I am searching…
I have turned off my radar!
Purpose meet purpose without stress.
I am single, happy and actively engaged!
I am single not because I have not found…
And in my own terms, being single isn’t being without a relationship. I am single but I am in love and am loved.
If not by anyone, by God!
I am Onyedikachukwu George Nnadozie
NB: This isn’t my regular articles! Just an add-on… Had finger scratches with some thoughts and this came out.

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