Joseph was a young boy who had dreams! Every one stood against his dreams and even his father politely didn’t encourage him.

“What is this dream you had? Will your mother and I and your brothers actually come and bow down to the ground before you?” Genesis 37:10


Against all odds, Joseph didn’t stop confessing his dreams! His brother’s were jealous of him and really wanted to stop him! In life, we meet people who are like that! They hate us not because we are doing something wrong, not even because we have achieved something but because they’ve seen what the future holds for us. Joseph found himself in this situation and he never gave up.

Having being his father’s favourite, Joseph must have learnt a lot from Israel’s past and encounter with God! Israel might have given him lots of teachings on who God is not knowing he wasn’t going to stay very long with him. In order words, Israel was Joseph’s mentor! Had Israel given all of his Children the same time he gave to Joseph, all of them would have been better.

Joseph was eventually kidnapped by his own brothers and sold off. Joseph found himself in Potiphar’s house! His father wasn’t there with him, no one was there to continue giving him godly advice but the Spirit of God has been upon Joseph (Genesis 39:2, 41:38). Joseph had submitted himself under God’s guidance and favour followed him around! God’s presence results to favour and Joseph had loads of it! He soon became Potiphar’s favourite that he was appointed the manager of Potiphar’s business empire and home!

A time came, Potiphar’s wife came to seduce Joseph! Joseph did not overcome her because he is a believer… He didn’t overcame her because of Israel’s advices and mentorship… He overcame that temptation because of his love for God. Hear him “How then could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God?” No wonder Jesus instructed us to love God and love everyone around us! Now, Joseph knowing that staying around Potiphar’s wife might get him seduced and conquered, the Bible said that Joseph flee! Flee is almost close to flying! He was running and jumping at the same time! He needed to one to tell him to do that… God was with him.

We might have found ourselves in similar situations as Joseph! What makes people give in to temptation isn’t always because they wanted to but because they gave room to pressures! People can be pressurized to do things they don’t want to do! Joseph understood that he might fall a victim if he stays around, he understood that as much as the Spirit is willing to abide by moral ethics, the flesh can always give in! Therefore, he never gave his flesh a chance to take the decision! By fleeing, he forced his flesh out of the scene!

Joseph valued his relationship with God more than anything else! Even in a strange land, even in a place without human guidance, a place where he doesn’t submit or account to anyone for his spiritual life, he was simply accountable to God.

Potiphar’s wife blackmailed Joseph and through her husband got him jailed in the prison! But, Joseph’s joy was not cut short because God was with him. Why was God with him? Because he trusted God enough! You can always see God manifest around you when you trust Him! The psalmist wrote that if we walks through the valleys of shadows of death, the Lord is with Him! That statement can only come from one who trusts God enough! In the same manner, Joseph knew that God cannot let him down, he knew that one with God is majority! See what the Bible said concerning Joseph and his experience in the prison

“But while Joseph was there in the prison,  the Lord was with him; he showed him kindness and granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden.” Genesis 39:20-21


I wouldn’t want to tell the stories of Joseph further because it will make this article become a book. When you look at the stories of Joseph you will discover that an anointing was on Joseph and he maximized it the way he can! Right from the days of little beginning, Joseph never gave up on the dream he had and he never gave up on God! That is awesome! Lots of people would give up in the prison, lots of people would give up go in to Potiphar’s wife! But Joseph never did so because his trust was not in any man but in God!

While in prison, Joseph had responsibilities which he carried out joyfully! Reading his story paints a picture of a joyful lad who never stops smiling! I could see him working in the prison and whistling songs of praise with smiles all over his face. It wasn’t long, Joseph became the governor of Egypt overnight! Imagine that! The Bible never said his old case was judged and he wasn’t found guilty! While it was assumed he wanted to rape Potiphar’s wife, his criminal records couldn’t stop him! Why? Because he had the Spirit of God!

Dear reader, you will be amazed how things can become so easy for you when you trust God and submit to His leading! Loving God helps you make decisions that will not destroy you because your love for God draws you back from desire for the flesh. I believe that this few highlights on Joseph has shown you how God’s spirit in us supersede friends, mentors and family! While in Egypt Joseph had no mentor but he had God’s Spirit… God makes all the difference!

Of course, you need people, you need elders and you need leaders to submit to, man isn’t created to function alone, God desires that you are discipled by matured believers… But, never ever underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit! You ultimately need the Holy Spirit. When you have the Holy Spirit, it makes it much more easier for you and teach you things your human mentors won’t teach you. God partners with us by filling us with His own spirit.

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