In 2015, I started receiving lots of requests and pressures from concerned pastors to close my social media and other internet channels. They said I needed to be well trained before I can start teaching God’s word and they said I was preaching heresy and leading people to hell. When I tried to find out what was wrong, it was because I was preaching what they called “hyper-grace” message. Well, I don’t believe there is anything like hyper-grace, it is either GRACE or it is DISGRACE… After much persuasion and my unwillingness to change my message, lots of people said I have been a very bad influence to young people. I am not telling us this story to hurt anyone or perhaps make myself feel special but I think I need to explain to you why I am very stubborn when it comes to meddling with the revelations I have gotten from God’s word. I have seen God manifest, I have seen the sick healed, I have seen people get baptized with the Holy Spirit, I have witnessed lots of people come to Christ in tears… Not because I have the charisma, or because I am a nice teacher but because the right knowledge of God’s word permits God to do mighty things! One of the very significant things that always happen when I minister is that people who have always wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit for years receive it immediately without a waste of time and energy! Why saying this?I just want to show you that what yields result is the right application of God’s word! You can only apply God’s word rightly if you hear and believe the right message.

If you don’t want me to tell you God’s word the way it is, then the biggest mistake you will make is to ever come close…

I am not looking for platform… Don’t even help me look for platform because this world is too big that many platforms are empty. I am not the kind that paint words just to make an authority endorse me… No! I don’t know how to paint words and I don’t want to learn it.

Sometimes, people refer to it as “wisdom”… To paint God’s word black is wisdom? I think its foolishness! It is better I teach God’s word the way it is and be stoned rather than tell people lies just for them to say “I am a man of God?”… Oh no… Paul wrote in Galatians 1:6-8

“I am astonished how quickly you are deserting the One who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— which is not even a gospel. Evidently some people are troubling you and trying to distort the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be under a divine curse!…”

You hear that? I am not apologetic when I seem to speak against unscriptural teachings! One of the things Christians must get addicted to is to speak against false teachings! False teachings are worse than the act of sin! False teachings put people under bondage, it limits people from exercising their freedom in Christ and it makes them become slave to Satan who is the Father of all liars! Even Angels from heaven are cursed if they ever preach anything contrary to what the New Testament Gospel presents. No matter how one has died and resurrected with a supposed message from heaven, no matter how someone have had a vision from Angels, if it suggests something different from the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, then the unrepentant preacher of such doctrine remains under a divine curse! Lots of preachers go about troubling believers, people who has been washed from all curses, from all foundational problems, from all negativities you can think of! These Christians are made to think that if they don’t do this and that, that they are not saved! Paul declared that such preachers are going to be under divine curse for speaking against God! Teaching things that are directly against God’s word is simply the same as rejecting God’s superiority over your life and thereby subjecting yourself to the devil’s ruling!

One big thing here is that my mouth has been programmed not to teach what is not God’s word. I already know what God cannot say and most times I don’t need to flip the pages of the Bible to know when things are lies or not. We are in a world where every church is “program” oriented and “fund raising” committed… We are in a world where the Church has become another coven for witchcraft, a place people come to point and kill there enemies! The Church has become another social centre where the Pastor showcases his magic and tell us God is involved…. We are in a world where Church leaders wants to enslave their members with lots of lies…. Where people are deceived into having family deliverance after some payments are made, a world where God’s grace has been overlooked or disdained…

Many of us have overlooked showcasing the love of God, reaching out to the ones not reached and preaching the good news of God’s kingdom and have focused in building project and overseeing social businesses! Very soon, Churches will also start running night clubs if care isn’t taken all in the name of making money. You see why I am stubborn with preaching the gospel?

In this kind of world… I should be stubborn … Yes, very stubborn to teach nothing but God’s word, stubborn to challenge the status quo and stubborn to guard my heart jealously…. No General Overseer, No Pope, No Bishop, No Pastor… No authority whatsoever in heaven and on earth can stop me from preaching the news that is too good to be true… Yes! That is the gospel!

God bless you.


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