“Honour the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops.” Proverbs 3:9


In the scriptures, glory and honour is often used to mean the same thing but there is a slight difference between these two words.


Glory simply means something that is inherent, a value that doesn’t need anyone’s endorsement. When we talk about God’s glory, we are talking about something that our decisions and perceptions makes no meaning to.


But when we talk about honour, we are talking about a perceived value. The type of honour you give a man depends on what the man is worth to you.


I believe this explanation helps to unravel what the above scriptures means. Now, it means we express and showcase what God is worth to us even with our wealth and material things! We give in regards to whom we feel God is! Let me explain this a little because I personally have a different view on giving.


As a young inquisitive Christian, I have read a lot on giving and most people always preach and teach that we give simply because we want to receive but I think that as true as it is, we must also not neglect that a new creation does not give to receive but give because he has received in faith! The New Creation is the “Faith Man” and such is what made Abraham very unique and different. Abraham never gave God anything in order to receive, Abraham never sacrificed Isaac in order to receive but he did all those because he believed he had received from God. In verse 8 of Genesis 22, Abraham told Isaac that the Lord will provide something for the sacrifice. He did not say the Lord will provide and then they go for a sacrifice to thank God but rather his statement showcased that his sacrifice is based on God’s provision and putting it to ourselves, we would say “I have received from God, therefore I am going to honour God”. I am not saying we wait for something to happen before giving, I am rather saying that we must see things happening with our eyes of faith and when we are giving to God, we also give in faith as regards to what we believe has happened even though we have not seen the physical manifestation. People of faith don’t wait for things to manifest before they believe it has happened. For more teaching on tithe and offering, please read HERE.


Now, let’s come back to our main subject about honouring God. To honour God means to express the value we place on God or to express what God is worth to us. This affects how we help the poor, how we support ministry projects, how we are ready to donate to charity and of course give ourselves for the use of the God’s kingdom expansion. Now, to give in honour of God simply implicates that I am giving according to what God is worth to me. Have you asked yourselves why the widow who gave her last coin was well recognised? (Mark 12:42-44) It wasn’t just because she gave her last coin, it was because by giving her last coin she was expressing that God is her source, she was expressing that all her hope is in God and not in material things. The Bible says others were giving out of the surplus of their income, they had so much hope in what they have and they were giving because they have much but for the widow, she had nothing else, she would have stayed back and everyone will understand her situation but no! She has this wonderful value she placed on God, to her, God is worth much more than anyone can phantom and out of her perception on who God is, she gave her all!



There is another story in the scripture that showcases how one honoured God with what she had. In Luke 7:37-38, we see a woman who lived a sinful life. I want us to understand that she wasn’t living a sinful life, she rather lived a sinful life in the past and probably, something happened to her and her life changed. What happened to her? She met Jesus. We may not be able to find a story of how she met Jesus and how Jesus changed her life but we all know that at that time, no one would change the life of a sinner, no one would have anything to do with sinners especially when it is a woman! She might have been that woman who was caught in adultery, whom Jesus set free and never condemned, she might have been worse than that woman! But the most important thing here is her perception about Jesus! Because Jesus touched her life in a special way, she was ready to give up the best and the most expensive thing she ever had in her possession. Let’s make it more interesting… That perfume might have been a part of the things she uses in seducing men, it might have been one of the things she ever valued most and suddenly a man came, touched her life and she became brand new… Her priorities changed, her perception changed and her life changed.


In a bid to show Jesus His worth in her life, she took the most expensive and valuable thing she ever had. Mark wrote in Mark 14:3 (NIRV) that she broke the jar open, she wasn’t treating this jar with care anymore because something greater has come to stay, something that is more precious than Diamond has occupied her heart. She never gave it out to the poor, she never sowed it as a seed… She just poured a perfume that would have been used over and over again on Jesus, not because of the glory of Jesus but as a result of honour! Remember we saw earlier that showing honour simply means showcasing the value and respect we place of someone or thing.


God wants us to honour Him with our wealth! Now that Jesus is not physically here, we can still honour Him with the best of our time, we can still honour Him by giving our best to the poor! Yes… The poor! Jesus said in Matthew 25:40 “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Wow! It is time to break that Alabaster jar and anoint the young boy or girl who wouldn’t pay his school fees, it is time to reach out to the orphans, not just with food items but with something that represents the value we place on Jesus! It is time to honour God by helping people around us! It is time to honour God by helping to sponsor and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, the only gospel that can change.


I will summarize with Paul’s admonition in 2 Corinthians 9:7 and he says “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”  On a final note, it is only one who understands and honour God that can give cheerfully! Paul said we should give what we have decided in our heart… Whatever God is worth to us is what our heart decides.


God Bless you.


PRAYER: Lord, always cause me to know you more because the more I know you, the more I want to honour you.



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