Four Hours before I heard of Miss Chidinma’s first video, I had a dream and I saw two celebrities get involved in lesbian sex scandal. I woke up, I didn’t know what it meant until I saw a post on Facebook concerning Miss Anambra. I inquired further and I was told she got involved in a lesbian sex scandal. I don’t know why I had that dream…

Former Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke has been engulfed in a very bitter and life threatening situation and one of the best things she needs now is your support, your prayers and your love because her life is at stake. She doesn’t need criticism at the moment… No matter what you have seen, Chidinma needs us at the moment. This story will tell you why.

Since the leak of the first video, I have seriously engaged in a research and I have come up with the story which I believe is true… Nobody told me, it is my theory and I believe this is what happened.

Miss Chidinma Okeke came from a good family background, she lived in Onitsha before being admitted to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. She is well known by many locals. Naturally, Chidinma is a good girl, with virtues and enticing characteristics which made everyone adore her. Chidinma is also from a Christian home and perhaps, she has been one of those shaky weak Christians who haven’t really taken the things of God to the bones.

As a young girl, the society influenced her to believe that being a model and a pageant is one of the things every beautiful girl should try. Chidinma, being beautiful with a slender body fit for the business of Modelling did not only get busy with her new found career but also got over passionate about it. She met friends, met colleagues, found new cliques and belonged to the tribe of classical models, she saw herself waxing strong and coming up high.

In a bid of becoming much more successful, Chidinma and some other pageants got lured into acting an amateur lesbian pornography. I believe whoever lured them to this did it with a promise of making them great models and never getting to leak the video. I also believe that this has not being the first time pageants undergo such… Yes, I so much believe that so many celebrated models have always gotten involved in one mess or another just in a bid of coming out victorious especially in South East Nigeria.

Chidinma Okeke became Miss Anambra in 2015, an event powerfully organised by the Anambra Broadcasting Service. This new victory brought Chidinma to the top of the game, made her name famous and gave her lots of opportunities. She has been on international trip, big occasions which involved political events. Chidinma have been with Miss Korea, Miss Thailand, Miss Indonesia, Miss Intercontinental and others in Germany where she represented Nigeria on an official event. She launched Queen Chidinma Okeke Foundation with which she have reached to the less privileged under the support of big names like, NTA, ABS, Capital Oil, Anambra State Government, APGA and lots more.

And then, her problem started.

Not so long, Queen Chidinma started dealing with the issue of her past. Someone who we don’t know got hold of the pornography she acted or perhaps this person was part of her clique who got issues with her. Since then, Queen Chidinma has been dealing with blackmail! She kept paying money to have this dirty side of her get sealed off forever… She used to be a good girl, she is still a good girl but there is always that dirty side of everybody and hers happened to be what the society and tradition has been forced to think as more sin than the others.

What we don’t know is if Chidinma has refused to continue dishing out money to the blackmailer or if things went wrong somewhere and the blackmailer reached her sponsors with the video. Queen Chidinma was silently dethroned and the crown of Miss Anambra was quietly taken from her and she ceased to be Miss Anambra since early October, 2016. One of the reasons why this was done was to also protect the name of the companies that has been sponsoring her.
As if that was not enough, the blackmailers who parade themselves as ‘the leakers’ uploaded the first video on various social media platforms. Because it was x-rated, Facebook and YouTube had those videos removed from their platforms while the videos have remained on the free Data Host server where all forms of data could be hosted without being monitored.

In order to save her face, the shame and even possibly from the law, Miss Chidinma came to her Instagram page and denied being the one in the video. She claimed it was superimposed into an already existing video. This she did, not because she is an unrepentant sinner but because she wants to protect herself. Not long, a second video was uploaded, she removed her denial from Instagram and perhaps is set to apologise to the public.

And now… lots of people are spewing abuses, curses and all manner of things on Miss Chidinma not knowing that this is a battle this young girl and various other persons has been facing in a long time now. Yes, they acted a video on lesbianism, we wouldn’t have known about it if it was not leaked and nothing would have happened if we never knew! Now that we know… Should we fold our hands and see our own girl get ruined? Should we fold our hands simply because she did something very bad and watch some jealous, stupid, callous and wicked idiots finish her up?

It is time we all close our eyes to that videos, it is time we collectively stand up in one voice and speak up against blackmail! Yes! You are wondering why you should stand with her right? But, are you anyway better? Many of us have slept with others simply because of money… She is not the worst, she has not done the worst, she did not kill anybody… Yes, she did not! Many have committed abortion, many have even killed their babies, many have practiced homosexual affair for money! But because they were not played in public, they feel they are better! We have no right to continue supporting this people who wants to see Miss Chidinma dead!

The next thing they would do is target her life, get her killed and then tell us she committed suicide! Chidinma still has a promising future, her life is not yet destroyed and believe me… No matter how this video lingers into the future, she must have proven to the world that the person in the video is not who she has grown to be.

Yes, perhaps this would teach us lessons… But what lessons? That our so called friends may be waiting for a day to finish us up!

I have tried my best to see this whole thing from other people’s perception… But believe me, I can still see only one thing… A heart that needs comfort, a devastated being that needs a shoulder to lean on! We need to stand up now… Please, where ever you are, whoever you are… Join me and other sweet souls to speak against the blackmailers, those who delight in destroying someone because of her mistake.
This is not just a fight against Chidinma, it is a fight against wickedness!


After all, Jesus stood with the woman of Samaritan, the tax collector, the robber, the adulterer and today… They are all Saints!

I am George, and I love and stand with Miss Chidinma

Pray for Miss Chidinma and the other person involved in the video…

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