Okay… Everyone wants to be sexy but not everyone knows what it means to be sexy! Perhaps, some knows but they feel being sexy is the only way to get attention. But come to think of it… What kind of attention do they get? Unwanted attention!

A young Christian complained that lots of men have been disturbing her and asking her for sex! One touching story she narrated was a married man offering her lots of money just to sleep with her… I went to check her social media pictures and I discovered she is very sexy! In fact, she is hot! That’s why every man want her like a hot cake and the moment they get her… They eat her and forget her like we forget every other cake we’ve ever eaten! I simply told her “you called for it… You portray yourself as one who is available for sex because it is clearly written in all your pictures”

“But sir..  I am just being myself, I don’t mean such attention.”

“If you really wanna be yourself like you claim… Post a complete nude picture” I told her

No one believes she is even moral because she appears like one who is so hungry for sex! Lots of people are like that… But I think it is better to be romantic… Very romantic! And not sexy!

Be romantic but don’t be sexy! Godliness is romantic… If you ever meet a caring, kind and softhearted woman, you’ll understand that being romantic doesn’t mean being sexy! Even goat can be sexy… Once your put on mini skirt or tight, transparent trousers, you’re sexy but to be romantic, you need to be virtuous.
To be sexy means to be a public icon of sex… Everyone would want to have sex with you but no one will want to spend the rest of his or her with you!
If you open some parts of your body that are not meant for the sight of the general public, you’ll get so much attention! Men will run after you with many promises including promises of marriage. But truth is, you’ll only succeed in attracting thousands of wrong men… You’ll get attention of good people but the attention remains negative. No sane man will want to marry a prostitute because what comes to the mind of people when they see you like that is “she is definitely a hustler seeking for attention”. 
On the other hand, if you dress like “Mgbeke” just to prove that you are “Virgin-Mary”, you are on your own and don’t blame God when nobody gives you an eye. Dress decent, dress godly, dress fine! There are good people, there are godly people and they can be gotten with ordinary attention… They are captured by good heart! Good character breaks all kinds of charm! Many are seeking for deliverance… Stop it and look inwards! You may be the one bewitching yourself.
Remember, people of vision can easily recognise people of vision… Have a vision, work towards it… Dress like your vision! 
Men are looking for wives and not women… As a wife-worthy lady, men don’t choose you like market stuff! They don’t pick you like items in the shopping mall! Yes! They search for you, but you make your choice.

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