For we have not been given the Spirit of fear and timidity but of boldness and sound mind… If you could read meaning into this, you’ll discover that you have been designed to overcome every situation beginning from your mind! 

That is to say… I am no longer moved by what my eyes are seeing but by what I am forming in my mind. I control my world with my mind! It is in the mind that faith is found and not in our eyes! Eyes may see shadows of death but my mind is seeing a “no evil environment” there is no need to fear… That is how sound mind works!
I am allowed to think success even when am not seeing it… It is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. Since my heart has been filled with the thoughts of greatness I cannot confess failure.
People of sound mind comes to the throne of Grace in boldness to obtain mercy because they know Mercy belongs to them! That is why we declare boldly that “SURELY, goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our life”… What a statement of faith.
When next you find yourself in the valleys of shadows of death, dance through it because the Lord is with you and He is your light and your life. And when next you want to measure my greatness, don’t look at my pocket or properties.. Just ask me what is in my mind!
I live by faith in Christ and not by sight! Haha hahahahahaha… Glory to God.
I believe this charge kicks you to a start! Break out!!!

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