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As a servant of God and preacher of the gospel, I have tried not to include much of my ICT related articles and information here since the vision of George’s Diary is to spread God’s word.

I have gotten loads of emails and requests from lots of people concerning writing articles on business intelligence, Information and Communications technology plus other ICT related articles. I have also been invited in various places to teach ICT courses in very simple language.

The request is increasing rapidly and I still don’t want to compromise George’s Diary TV, Blog and Books from being biblical to being secular. Therefore I have decided to launch F-ICT School which is part of the George’s Diary® Group but independent from George’s Diary Group. F-ICT school is dedicated to teaching people modern ICT. 

Are you too busy to learn programming and codes? Do you just want to manage your online community, do more with your social networks and upgrade your business? Then, you can learn in simple languages and even get certificate of specialization from F-ICT School.

Unlike George’s Diary traditions, I welcome other ICT related articles on F-ICT website from bloggers and will be replying all requests I have gotten so far with the option of sharing and posting business, ICT and secular articles through http//

Freakish IÇT conference

All information about F-ICT School is included in the new website. Interested persons can also register for the Eastern Freakish-ICT Conference at coming up on 21st November – 26th November in Nigeria. Tickets will be sent after registration.

If you love Information Communications Technology, check out my new website/blog and please don’t forget to subscribe for Newsletters to stay up-to-date with the latest offer from F-ICT School.

F-ICT School is on Facebook and Twitter @fictschool and our email is open at


At F-ICT School, creativity beats technicality.


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