George’s Diary LIVE BROADCAST: ALETHEIA coming soon!

Initially, we have planned to launch Aletheia on Periscope but with more improved technology and innovations, we will be broadcasting HD contents on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube all at ONCE! That is to say, whichever Social Network/Channel you happened to log in to, you can watch us live!

We are still putting things together to see how we can gather your feeds from any channel all at once and answer your questions immediately!

There is more to life than just waking in the morning, going to work, getting to the bed and waking in the morning again to continue the same cycle of events. God deigned life to be lived adventurously. Yes! That is the only way we can be more productive. A relationship for instance becomes fun when relevant result-full different things are done at different times. Getting diverse results is only possible when we live in adventure. Two couples living together can die in boredom if they don’t try doing different things all the time. Most importantly, if you don’t get results, it might not be because of what you do but how you do it. It is like reading the same story every day. It will come to a time when that story can become a headache to you.

What am I saying? Life was designed to be fully productive and adventurous. In Aletheia, we will be discussing everything about life, sex, marriage, business, Christianity and everything you can ever think of. We will not just be discussing them; we will be saying nothing but the truth. There are lots of lies in the media, offices, schools and even in some Churches. Most of us grew up knowing only the lies but in Aletheia we are committed to teaching you in simple language how to make everything work for you. Your area of interest does not matter… You will see how Jesus comes into all that to do the fixing!
Aletheia kicks off on 7th August, 2016 and you connect and watch us more quickly on or directly via our social media and YouTube network.

You cannot afford to miss it.

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