It took us 3 hours and 30 minutes to get to Onitsha from Abakaliki… Is it a smooth journey? Well, maybe yes.

Not minding the couple of searches we had from the police force and the “jumpy-bumpy” experience we had at the Umunya express way, we are safely back home!

Just after the service, when we were doing the “metu nwanne gi aka si ya” an elderly woman approached me and said to me in Igbo

“Please, don’t forget us… We still want you here. Greet your family” she was sincere

Lots of people were calling me, praying for me and asking of my welfare. I am so sorry for not responding to most calls because the network situation was really bad.

There were lots of promises for support from various people and there were lots of concerns. Although we received very few supports many promised to redeem their pledges later and am still expecting it.

How I wish I can mention names… Its not the best idea anyway. There were three persons who supported this vision in a spectacular way… It wasn’t just a physical support, it was spiritual. I was moved by their support not because it was much but because it went a long way to show me that they believe in me, in what I am doing and the relevance of my ministry. The way in which they became part of this mission was overwhelming.


Prior to departing for the mission, we got disappointments from almost all of the volunteers. Everyone who volunteered to be part of the workers in the mission field gave one excuse or another… Some simply switched off their phones and made no attempt to communicated with us.


Looking sideways, it was only one of my colleagues, Uchenna Maduka who gave up his comfort to join me in this mission. He was very instrumental to the success of the mission project.


I also commend the efforts of Rev. Ifeanyi Onuyke of St. Mattias Ndinkwuda who didn’t just gave us all the necessary support but also made it easier and stress free for us. Surprisingly, he cooked the foods we ate and made sure we never go hungry at anytime. He also drove us to the very remote areas of the village. The Bishop of Abakaliki is also worthy of commendation for accepting us into his Diocese and giving us his episcopal blessings.

This short term mission opened my eyes and that of my colleague. One reason why urban Christians complain about everything is because we are too complacent, we are busy looking for comforts in our various Churches, we are busy building schools, building large churches and even debating the validity of one minister or another while never recognising that we are needed in other places. There are lots of work to do in the interior but we Christians in developed areas have virtually pretended like everything is alright.

Having seen that there is still need for taking the gospel to the interior, we are already making plans for a second longer term missionary journey and believe me… God will always do great and mighty things. The project is not over.

Thank you for your support, concerns, prayers and admonitions. God bless you.



Watch out for the detailed report and pictures of The Mission Project

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