In just 3 days, we will be leaving for The Interior Mission project

“After this, Jesus traveled from one city and village to another. He spread the Good News about God’s kingdom. The twelve apostles were with him.
Also, some women were with him… They provided financial support for Jesus and his disciples.” Luke 8:1-3

These women who supported Jesus were women who were affected by his ministry, they couldn’t do less than support the move of God, a mission of Kingdom expansion. Many times, some legalistic PEOPLE often try to raise questions as to why we must clamor for support concerning this mission project, one even questioned why it should be paid into my account and I replied him with a smile “if you can go with me, your account will be used”. Some other people even go as far as searching for reasons not to support a mission cause… However, even Jesus needed support and people who have been affected by his ministry really did support him with the their best.

Why couldn’t Jesus do miracles so that money can come through the mouth of fishes? Why did he not multiply money just like he did with bread? It is individuals who will support mission projects! By supporting missions, you are being a radical agent of light and God is pleased with such sacrificial giving!

Mission support is a very important seed that does not fail to grow and bear fruits. There are thousands of helpless people in the inner city, they are yet to hear the true gospel of Jesus Christ, they are yet to experience the love of God! Some of them are under satanic bondage, some of them are dying of hunger and sickness… Many of them don’t know what life in Christ is all about. But your support can make all the difference…

Come to a think of it… Your support might be the reason individuals can receive the word of God which brings freedom. Heaven is glad when a soul is saved… Heaven will also be pleased with you when it was your support that made it possible.

A woman had to use her jar of very expensive perfume just anoint the feet of Jesus… They ended up being filled with the joy of the Lord!

Have you been blessed by my teachings? Have you been blessed by God’s word? Have my teachings affected you one way or the other? Do you believe that God can do all things?

Its time to make a move for sacrificial giving! No matter who you are, no matter what you do… You can make the difference by supporting the INTERIOR MISSION PROJECT.

To support with money, pay into: Diamond Bank PLC

Account Name: Onyedika George Nnadozie
Account No: 0046994124

Your support will be channeled to the mission. We also accept good clothes, food items, Igbo Bibles, Igbo hymn books, other Christian materials whether Igbo or English.

God bless you.


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