Yesterday, a friend gave me an apple! Exactly the one in the picture. I left it in my bag, forgot I had an apple till Sunday morning.

I was getting ready for Church service when I remembered I had an apple. Pushing through my bag to make sure I didn’t lost it I found it lying right there in my bag and just then something struck my head! It was the lesson of an apple!

Apple is one of the most peculiar fruits on earth, it is often mistaken as the fruit that Eve gave to Adam but I am sure it wasn’t! One thing is certain… We all love apples!

How come we loved it that much? How come it is more expensive? Come to think of it… God said we are the apple of his eyes! Isn’t apple that very significant? Its time to be like apple to someone. I will tell you why.

Here in Nigeria, apple isn’t a stranger but it isn’t a Nigerian. While it doesn’t grow in Nigeria it killed a Nigerian president. It is the most cherished fruit and yet very expensive to get just like we get other fruits. An apple is worth about four oranges here in Nigeria and it is hard to be done away with. Yet, we don’t grow apple in Nigeria, we can’t even grow it here but we all know what it is. The uniqueness of an apple is what keeps it going! Apple is the only fruit that can be gifted in a piece to anyone… I have not seen anyone dislike or reject apple. Some hate grape, some hate orange some hate pear, some hate all manner of fruits including plum but not apple… I haven’t seen anyone talk about allergic reactions from apple. Even doctors agree that an apple a day keeps the them away. Ah! It means a lot!

If you are like an apple to someone, your location isn’t a problem… The Anywhere they are, your sweetness will reach them! If you are like an apple to people they will always search for you and always cherish you when they find you! Meeting you won’t cause them trouble and the site of you will always be remembered! People will cherish your presence.

What happens when you walk past an apple shop? You feel like… Oh… Look at those beautiful apples! It always draw our attention even when we try to avoid it! Yes… It is apple!

Isn’t apple awesome? Isn’t it great! Yes it is. But unfortunately… No one keeps an apple no matter how they cherish it. Because we all don’t love it unconditionally. We like it because we wanna eat it. You must eat it and it is all gone!

Be like an apple to someone but be imperishable like a diamond. Just like Jesus said “be as wise as a serpent but as meek as a dove” I tell you today “Be unique like an apple and imperishable as a diamond”… Don’t be easy to be discarded! Honesty makes it possible.

Not everyone can afford a diamond even if they try but not same with apple… It is expensive to some people and it is cheap to other people. Be available to people who will value you and not people who will not place value in you. When people afford to be with you don’t let them eat you up like they do to apple! Don’t trade your integrity and dignity for anything… The only reason to make people want more of you is not by giving them all of you! If they have all of you what else will they want from you?

Ladies… If you sleep with a man who haven’t paid for your bride price you are likely to loose him? Why? You gave him your all when he haven’t made up his mind to pay for it. People who “service before pay” are likely to loose but people who “pay before service” have nothing to loose! Don’t call him husband when he haven’t meet with your parents and settled with them. Many men aren’t interested in a woman’s personality… They just want to eat her up and leave her as a pile of shit.

Another lesson… No matter how you admire an apple, it can’t be yours until you pay for it! You can’t find it in the forest because it doesn’t grow here… Your only option is to pay for it! This is basically for gents! If you love her, pay her price and make her feel like a queen!

If you are in a relationship or there is someone you admire… He or she becomes yours only after the price (wedding) is paid. Pay this price for your desires.

Thanks Kene for the “manzana”.

Lots of lessons… You can add yours.


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