“Then the LORD answered me and said, “Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run” Habakkuk 2:2 (NASB)

It is now making much more meaning to me. I see God everywhere. It was exactly on September, 2014 that a vision came to me through dream. In that vision, I was in Abakaliki touring various sites. As I came across churches of diverse denominations I was seeing something in common, I saw “YAC” listed in their activities. A boy who followed me around told me how various Churches aside Anglican have adopted “The YAC Ministry” as part of their youth ministries, I saw banners of Worship Explosion, a program we did at Mount Zion YAC when it was merged with Amazing Grace YAC. Then I was only a Chapter president. These banners where in Methodist Churches and other churches of which the most notable was a nearly completed but not yet painted Cathedral called “The Evangelical Church”. I couldn’t tell the denomination the cathedral belonged to but the banner was on the stage of the Church and beside it was another banner of Rev. Uma Ukpai’s program. I was surprise because even in the dream I am aware I knew nothing about Abakaliki, how those banners got there was also a surprise to me.


When I had this vision, it made no much sense to me as it was obvious I had no business in Abakaliki, I had no plans for Abakaliki, one of the last things that would ever come to my mind was going to Abakaliki. Abakaliki as at 2014 was as strange as Mozambique to me because not for once in my life times have I ever thought of Abakaliki. Around February of this year 2016, I made my first trip to Abakaliki, it was a regional meeting of The YAC Ministry. During that time I had forgotten the vision I had in September 2014 but thanks to God I wrote it down in my very large old black notepad. God has been teaching me the necessity of leaving my comfort zone into the mission field to a point I made up my mind to depart this earth as a missionary. Around March 2016, the passion for mission became a very huge burden to me that I shared it with various brethren in Amazing Grace YAC. It made me restless and found myself missing something that I can only find in the mission field. I began to apply as a volunteer of various foreign mission agencies, however I wanted an exclusively African or Asian mission but at the end of the day I couldn’t fund the necessary bills.


Just recently, I received a request from a Servant of God, Rev. Ifeanyi, the Vicar of St. Matthias Ang. Church Ndikwuda of Izzi LGA, Abakaliki to come for a mission that area with volunteers. He hasn’t met me in person before and neither have I met him. Our first interaction was concerning THE INTERIOR MISSION PROJECT. God brought him at the right time; the passion for mission was boiling. I had been to school crusades, I had been to street reach outs and I have gone for early morning cries! It started right from childhood but the passion for interior mission was beyond all those. Although I had started internet outreach projects through George’s Diary and its various services, there was and is need to reach those who are aliens to the internet world.


As plans are been made for the INTERIOR MISSION PROJECT starting in Ndikwuda, the 2014 vision haven’t reoccurred to me. On 26th of May, my mind was drew back to September 2014, the vision was replayed to me and it was as real as then. I had to rush to my old black notepad to confirm the exact date I had that vision. Unfortunately, I didn’t write down the date but I indicated the month. I shouted! It was beginning to make sense to me! I believe there is more to this! With this, I have come strongly to stand by what God has shown me concerning the ministry I have been called into which I will only share as they unfold. There are some things I wouldn’t love to share now until a time it would be easy for me to narrate but believe me when I say that God has shown me where I am going and what will become of me. God have also proved to me that I needn’t try to struggle for it.


All these that I have narrated here are not news to my brethren at Amazing Grace YAC. I shared some of these visions with some of them at that time of which the current Amazing Grace YAC president has been there from the beginning of it to this moment. The current Music Director of Winners Chapel (OOU-Igbariam Campus) can also bear witness to all these things that I share with you.


It is to this very INTERIOR MISSION PROJECT that I encourage you to support. God has a way of doing his own things. Don’t wait to be coerced into doing it, nobody is going to do that for this is not our project, it is God’s project which he has destined its accomplishment. Be part of this story, be part of those who God will use to affect lives. If you feel you have what it takes to join in the voluntary mission team to explore the interior, or you feel your resources will go for you, then don’t hesitate to do so. Remember, it is our ultimate calling to go and make disciples of all nations.


To learn how you can support or join the mission team, click here

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