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God does not hate you; perhaps you are the one that hate God. God is interested in giving you money but he can’t give it to you when you can make it all by yourself! God does not help people who can help themselves; he helps people who cannot help themselves. If you must be bent in helping yourself, you cannot get the best because you are just much unlimited. God can give you the best because he made all things and knows the best. Do not think the economy of this world pushed you into brothel, into the streets or into whatever you are doing. It is your lack of trust in God’s ability that pushed you away or perhaps you have never heard the truth about God.

You were not created this way; you were created to be a better person! God loved you, he loves you and he will continue to love you. But when you don’t love God, you can’t accept his gift of love. When you can’t accept his gift of love, you can’t be saved. His gift of love is grace and mercy but you must accept him before grace becomes activated in you! He is not withholding you from coming close, rather you are running away from him just like Adam and Eve did. Hell is real and heaven is real. Heaven is not for those who are perfect; it is for those who believe that in Jesus and the salvation he brought. He is the one to make you perfect. You can still be perfect; you must not lose hope now.

I don’t know how to convince; it is not my duty to really force you into believing. You make up your mind, you but I pray you read the following with an open heart:

Jesus did not come to destroy you, he came to save you. Jesus did not come to condemn you, he came to justify you. God wants to give you a better life but you must first of all give up your worst life! God wants to give you a good career but you must give up your bad career! Jesus loves you.

You are not the worst sinner! I was worse than you. You are not without hope, Jesus has come to give you hope. Perhaps one thing or the other led you to that lifestyle but allow Jesus to lead you to another lifestyle, a better lifestyle. I have not come to tell you how sinful you are, I have come to tell you how better you will be.

For your sake, Jesus died. He died for your sins even the one you are doing right now. That doesn’t mean you should continue. He wants to give you room to change and he wants to change you for the better. Perhaps, you got into a relationship that ruined your life; you met people who destroyed you…. I have good news for you. They have not destroyed you because Jesus can still change you the way you are. Jesus can replace the destroyed you with a new you!

It will only take you one thing to be saved! It will take you to believe. What should you believe? Believe that God so loved you, not because you are good, you were prodigal. He sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die for your sins (past, present and future). He died for you and resurrected for you. He died so that you might not be punished; he died so that the devil cannot point accusing fingers on you again. Believing in him is all it takes! You must trust Jesus, he is capable of making you whole again, and he is capable of restoring all you have lost. It is more than restoration. Like I said before, you are not the worst! I was far worse than you! Jesus is not looking for good people; he is looking for bad people. He loves bad people because he knows they can become perfect people. You aren’t an exception.

Never mind the crowd; never mind your friends… You have been minding them for a long time and nothing has changed about you! It is time to mind Jesus and see what happens in your life. Jesus met a prostitute when they wanted to stone her to death, but he set her free! Do you see how much he loves you, he said to her “I do not condemn you, go and sin no more”. God said “I am not happy with the death of a sinner”. Yes! He said it and he meant it. Are you ready to take that bold step? Are you ready to come to a new life where everything about you will change? Do you want to live victorious in this world? Do you want to feast with the king of kings?
Just prayer this prayer HERE and contact me HERE.

George O.N

Your Brother and Friend in Christ

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