Good morning the good speaker.

Hope I am not disturbing you? Please, help me with this issue. A guy is ready for me to an extent that if love is 100% I am rating him 80%. He has all I pray for in a man but there is a problem. I am not tall; we are both average in height. I’ve been seeing you talk about marriage but now I need your help. Thanks and God bless you. – Miss Nnenna, Nigeria


 Good day to you and thank you for seeing me as someone who can give you relevant advice. However you didn’t ask a question but from the context and structure of your write up, I believe you are worried about marrying a man of average height when you are also average, you are afraid of having kids who aren’t tall.

I am happy you found someone who is near perfect in your sight, someone who has all the things you want in a man and perhaps if he was tall he’d be 100%. Thank God for you… Many people aren’t privileged enough to find someone who is at least 50% of what they want. Well, it is summed up in one statement; “you cannot have it all to yourself”. Let me paint a scenario for you.

A young girl wants a rich handsome fair man who is tall, God fearing and caring. She may see a man who is dark, rich, tall, not God fearing and caring, she may see a handsome tall fair man who is God fearing and not rich or she may see a man who is fair, short, rich, caring and God fearing. You cannot find that perfect man because he doesn’t exist and you are just very exceptional to have found a man that would reach 80% by your own rating.

I understand your worries anyway, you are afraid of what your kids will look like. You want them to be tall and beautiful; you want them to look like models right? Lol! Who is a model? I think it is anyone who is worth looking up to. You are not tall, you are average and your friend is not tall but average. Yet you found him attractive and he found you attractive… What’s the point then? Or do you prefer living with a panel beater who will beat you every morning and then give you tall babies? Well, babies are from God and as long as you feel this man is compatible with you for a life relationship, never ever think about his height or your height because it doesn’t really matter and it doesn’t even affect your future.

Children are not the only purpose for marriage and I wish people in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world can understand that. Like I pointed out earlier, if people can love you the way you are and if you can love your friend the way he is, I believe you shouldn’t make the mistake of worrying about your children. They are not going to be dwarfs anyway. They may either be tall or at worst average…

Or are you afraid of what people will say? Well, if you must be happily married to your husband then you must not care what people say. They have the right to make their observations, you have the right to make your choice… It’s your choice and not theirs.

Have a blessed day!

 Your Friend,

George O.N


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