Jesus wasn’t being very economical when he was talking about our authority as his people. Jesus didn’t say we will be second in command after him, neither were we made the first in command! We are just the commander! Another second commander doesn’t exist… Look at this!

“And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues” Mark 16:17

What does Jesus mean by “in my name…”? Many of us have used it as rituals or religious statement. We finish our prayer with the popular line of “in Jesus name we pray”, we feel that its that line that determines if our prayer is answered or not. But let me explain it to you. The Greek word used for name in the original scripts is “ónoma” which means the authority and character of a personality. It also means his manifestation and the revelation of his character. “Praying in Jesus’ name” therefore is not a “religious formula” just to end prayers or get what we want.

According to Hebrew notions, a name is inseparable from the person to whom it belongs, it is something of his essence. Therefore, in the case of the God, it is specially sacred. So, praying in the name of Jesus means praying in the person of Jesus.

I heard a preacher say that even Angel Michael didn’t rebuke devil in Jude 1:9, rather he said “the Lord rebuke you”. He therefore suggested that if an Angel would respect Satan, we too have to respect Satan’s power and not say some manner of things concerning him. Now, let’s get this thing straight

Angel Michael wasn’t respecting the fact that Satan was his senior while an Angel, neither was he afraid of the devil’s power. At that time, Adam sold his authority to Satan as a result of disobedience. The Adamic authority is greater than the Angelic authority. When Satan took over the Adamic authority, he became the god of this world… At that time, Angel Michael only respected the authority of Adam and not the authority of Satan.

Jesus however have bruised the head of Satan as written in Genesis 3:15 ,

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

the authorities of Satan have been destroyed! Besides, we have Christ’s authority and not Adamic authority. When you understand this you become a superman right from your mentality. The authority of Christ is above that of any power.

Jesus asked us to cast out Satan! The word “cast” has no atom of respect as a synonym. As believers, we have an authority superior to the Adamic authority! Jesus is the second and the last Adam… We are not Adam, we are Christ’s. We don’t have Adamic authority, we have Christ authority… An authority that has no respect for the devil.

I believe with this information you don’t need to negotiate with the devil when you pray. You don’t even pray for the sake of the devil… You just command him and he gets out! The devil isn’t worth our prayer time… You just kick him out! The bible says he will flee when we resist him.

This is only possible if you are born again. If you are not yet saved, if you have accepted Jesus in your life, click on this link to proceed with it.

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