“All the people in the synagogue were furious when they heard this. They got up, drove him out of the town, and took him to the brow of the hill on which the town was built, in order to throw him down the cliff. But he walked right through the crowd and went on his way.” – Luke 4:28-30 (NIV translation).


At exactly May 12, 2015, the George’s Diary was established. This date wasn’t the date of its birth but the date of its establishment. The vision behind it began with the name “Alive Foundations” but after lots of consideration the site was closed down and George’s Diary site was established. Many teachings and other articles was moved to the George’s Diary address.

The conception of this vision started when some fans and social network followers of mine began requesting that its time I develop a platform where I will house all my teachings. At that time, I would post my teachings on Facebook and even spread it through other networks. Sometimes, readers would ask me to link them to a particular post on my Facebook wall which I was always not able to find and then I saw the need to start building my online archives gradually! At first I launched “Alive Foundations” which was meant to be a place where many who have received Christ would ground their foundation and where many would meet with Christ and grow, it was also meant to talk about Churches and how ecumenism can be realized.


However, at the inception of this vision hell let loose! I got so many criticisms… It was gradually increasing to a point I almost gave up. While running as Alive Foundations I had plans of incorporating it into The YAC Ministry (A youth ministry in the Anglican Communion) as one of its online channels. I also had various other projects I wanted to incorporate into The YAC Ministry which I didn’t make public since there were protocols of doing things. Although I hadn’t made it an official asset of The YAC Ministry, I used Alive Foundations to talk about the Anglican Communion, I defended lots of the attacks weighed heavily against it, I corrected some media lies concerning the communion and I tried promoting The YAC Ministry with also. Many of those articles are available on George’s Diary since all the teachings and articles on Alive Foundations were moved to it.


It didn’t last long as Alive Foundation even when traffic had grown with ever increasing readers. There was a reason for closing down the site. Many folks didn’t agree with me, some of my teachings were too unorthodox to be taken serious and were too serious to be taken lightly. Many Pastors across denominations attacked me verbally that at a point I began feeling very cold whenever I find myself in there midst. I deliberately avoided meetings, I deliberately skipped appointments and I deliberately skipped programs because I felt so cold. In fact, I was afraid but I couldn’t stop teaching what God has revealed to me. At one hand I was afraid of what people were cooking up and at the other hand I was so afraid of not doing what God has called me to do.


One of those days when a close attachment between Alive Foundations and The YAC ministries was beginning to become more clear many voices began to speak up with serious accusations. In fact, some people came public asking that I resign as the YAC President or I close down my internet networks. I was accused of trying to open up an independent fellowship with the intention of using YAC members as the founding members, I was also accused of promoting sin, promoting indecency and promoting indoctrinations against the orthodox Christian faith. Many people accusing and requesting for my resignation really had no business with whatever they were saying. I visited various offices under appointments and everyone was pleading with me to stop making my teachings available to the public. At a point, even some of our executive meetings included talks about my teachings and the pressure it was mounting on the ministry.


On May 12, 2015, I announced that all my public teachings does not reflect the doctrine of any church, it does not reflect the teachings and core values of any ministry. I announced that my teachings all over my internet channels is meant for everyone who cares to read and I acknowledged that it only represents my personal understanding of the scriptures, the revelations I get while studying the scriptures and the results of my quiet time with God. I announced that it’s my teaching and not the teaching of any Church or ministry… On that day, George’s Diary was born. The name came about so as to signify that it is God’s gift to me as a person… It is my Diary and not that of anyone else.


At a point, the criticism didn’t stop but at least it reduced and I realized some of my mistakes. One of my mistakes was trying to build a personal God-given vision as a general vision. Even when Jesus came, he didn’t try infusing his vision into the Synagogues. He picked his disciples and began building his brand. Today, the Synagogue isn’t dead but what Jesus started didn’t die too! Jesus was born a Jew, he died a Jew… But the Church grew as what Jesus started with the twelve!

When it started, many misunderstood it. I was questioned; I was called all sorts of names… Truth is this; many also misunderstood Jesus. Those who misunderstood me may have done so out of love, if they had understood it on time, they would have supported it. Fortunately, I continued the vision as George’s Diary and it has kept growing. Although I wouldn’t claim thousands of readers, I am grateful to God that the small voice has gone global. George’s Diary received its first email from a reader and ardent follower in South Africa and then other countries followed. We have received lots of interactions from South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, India and as our home country (Nigeria). This signifies that our readers are growing around the globe. Whatever vision you receive from God, carry it out! Don’t think about the provisions, just trust God. Don’t think about what people will say… Keep listening to God.


The vision has become clearer so far and the clearer it becomes, the stronger the online media outlet grows. What started as a Facebook Status has grown to a blogging site with an Android and Windows Software. George’s Diary has become a brand name and is working on other things which include: Christian Books, Digital Teachings (Video, Podcast and Video), Online Radio and Television. Currently, a book based on George’s Diary Teachings® (Dedicated to Women by George Onyedika Nnadozie) has been released in all eBook stores and the print version is currently being produced with prints hitting Great Britain, United States and Central Europe soonest! George’s Diary Android and Windows application have been under test and has not been launched into Google Play Stores and Windows Stores until it meets our test. The android app tops the list once searched for with search engines like Google.


One of the nice features of George’s Diary was “AskGeorge”. It was a channel where people would drop in their questions concerning anything in life and get correct biblical answers from a well articulated and prayerful research based only on the scriptures. We have made many questions public with permissions of the questionnaires and we have also answered questions privately. Many questions that have been asked have ranged from relationships, sex, marriage, gender, faith, lifestyles and so much more. By God’s grace, all our answers have worked as not a single person who ever asked questions have reported back with negativity but with excitement and thanksgiving to God.


In this one year of internet outreach, George’s Diary has not received financial support from anyone and have not requested for such by any means. Although it may seem so simple and even unprofessional, thousands of dollars worth investments has been put in place for this project and we have made up our mind to grow gradually. We have also turned down requests of monetizing our channels because money has never been the driving force behind this move.


George’s Diary is not affiliated and will not be affiliated to any Fellowship, Church, Forums, Clubs or Organizations. Although George’s Diary administrative offices, Studios and Conferences may come up in near future, George’s Diary isn’t planning to run fellowships and meetings. It is simply the online house of teachings of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to George Onyedika Nnadozie and all those he would train for this purpose.


With lots of testimonies concerning what God has done using George’s Diary, with lots of lives being changed, with lots of people growing in faith through the channels, with lots and lots of great teachings that may not be seen anywhere else, we stand bold to declare that it is ONE YEAR OF GLOBAL IMPACT… GEORGE’S DIARY IS ONE!


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