What really happened to Churches is that we used its gathering to replace social meetings, it became much more of a place of meeting people than a place of focusing on God. It became a place where people are discussed than a place where God is the subject.

The Church isn’t really about gathering people, the Church isn’t about finding solution to our social needs, the Church isn’t about stacking same people together… The Church isn’t an alternative for other clubs and religious gatherings. Yet, that is what many mainstream Churches has made out of it. They feel you must do so and so before you become a full member… That alone paints a picture that the Church is the same as being member of a rotary club… Rotary club does charity after all! There is less or no attachment in Churches! It is usually now all about living in peace with Muslims, finding ways to reconcile with the worlds ideology, finding a strong stand in politics… In so doing, the Church is loosing it’s flavour! When it is not all about Jesus, it is about nothing!

The Apostles recorded breakthrough because God added to their numbers but what is happening today? How do we expect God to add to our number when its not about him?

Denominational orientation has spoiled it all! For crying out loud we are Christians before we became Anglicans or Pentecostals or Catholics… What role are we playing then? Instead of raising people for God, we are raising people for our denominations… Instead of preaching Jesus, we are preaching peace and reconciliation!

Trust me, peace isn’t our message, reconciliation isn’t our message…. Our message should be Jesus! In him we find peace!


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