“Don’t be glad because the evil spirits obey you; rather be glad because your names are written in heaven” Luke 10:20

Here, Jesus sets out the real essence of our calling and he also got us to know the most important thing that really do matter in the christian life. He had blessed 72 people and had commissioned them to go and preach, heal and cast out demons! When these people came back to Jesus, they came with testimonies and joy because they saw their worst enemy listening to them and obeying them, they witnessed the dead rise, they witnessed the very transformation power of God really working through them!

This is how we feel when God uses us to do wonders! I know I am always excited when I pray for people and see things happen instantly. I could remember one night I prayed for a young man who had some health issues, he falled under the anointing and got up totally free and sound! I was excited and joyful… I was joyful because I saw what I teach people come alive in me and since then its been happening! However, Jesus is saying something really very different here, he is asking that our source of joy shouldn’t be on those things! But on the eternal life we or others have received!

If that was the case, it means Jesus was technically implying that peoples name being written in the book of life is the highest miracle on earth! This is the only miracle that sends the Angels to the dancing floor in celebration of a single soul as the bible shows in Luke 15:10

“In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

The angels don’t rejoice over the sick being healed, they don’t rejoice over the lame walking or the dead man coming back to life, those signs and wonders are nothing new to them, it is just so ordinary and common to them! But the moment a soul is turned to God, they rejoice and throw a party in heaven for the sake of the person! And Jesus is saying “don’t be glad that demons obey you…”

This is exactly what some churches are all about today! They are seeking for fire that causes miracles to happen, they are seeking to erect infrastructures everywhere and stand the competition coming from another church. We keep celebrating the things that are of lesser importance. Jesus didn’t discourage them from doing what they were doing but he was trying to channel their mind to the things that are needful!

If what should give us joy is the knowledge; that we have received eternal life and our names written in heaven, then it is needful that we extend that joy to others by telling them the good news. When Jesus talked about seeking first the kingdom, I believe it also applies to evangelism! We ought to seek that people get to know God first and all other things will be automatically added! They are things like the healing power, the anointing that raises the dead and so on. The bible also talked about signs that will follow those who believe… You see that? We first of all get our names and that of others registered in heaven and we shall see signs following us.

Don’t wait till you raise a dead man, engage in the highest business of soul winning and for your sake heaven will always be put in delight over your achievements as a believer! Next time you wanna talk about God’s miracles, begin with those whose names were transfered from death to life!

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