I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. (2 Timothy 4:7)

Paul was sure of himself! He was certain of the race he ran, certain of the reward that awaits him and certain of where he was going. That was why he declared

“I fought the good fight of faith!”

What a sordid statement of an absolute mission accomplished man!

You don’t need to do what Paul did, you don’t need to write half of the New Testament, there is no need for that! But there are lots more souls to reach out to, lots more nations to conquer and lots more of plunder to be made!

Jesus choose men from the waters who fished and sent them back to bring men back to him baptising them in water! What a glorious change of course and mission! They all left there duty post for a brand new assignment. Some had white collar jobs, some had their Ph.Ds, some had nothing but all were called for a common cause!

They choose to lay their lives for the sake of the gospel! Jesus sacrificed himself for their sake but the life they lived, they lived for Jesus… What a change of course! Peter must have made plans of increasing his merchandise, Matthew could have admired to get promotion in his office, even Luke could have not chosen to toe the line of this new men if he had admired to scale new heights in the human world… Stephen choose to be stoned to death and none, not even one of them sincerely had rest as we may define it in the physical.

Yet, they counted it all as gain and served joyfully, making it much easier for us! So much easier! In the course of the persecution and trial, they considered it a joyful experience.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds” James 1:2

Today, can we take the gospel priority or our lives? Remember, Jesus said anyone you wants to save his or her life will loose it!

“Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.” ◄ Luke 17:33 ►

Just 12 men and others who joined thereafter turned the world upside down with the unchanging word of God! The kingdom of the Devil was plundered… Light shined in darkness, it never waited for darkness to decide. It took the decision! Even in the creation, God took darkness by surprise! Darkness had no choice but to be separated from the light! Light can shine in darkness but darkness turns to light the moment it encounters light! We are called to be the light! How well are you shining?

When will we stop pursuing shadows and start calling into reality things which are not? When shall we stop fighting and start winning? When shall we stop trying and start doing? We were not asked to try out God’s word, there is no demo to God’s word… It only has one version and that version is full and activated! We don’t try it, we install it and use it!

God never said we will not be rich but he never asked us to pursue being rich! It was the kingdom we were asked to pursue and wealth will be added! Why are we bent on making money than advancing the kingdom? Why is Church activities wealth based and not kingdom oriented? What is happening to the Church? Today it is easier to see people fighting the devil, not over a soul but over a business, over riches and over personal issues! Devil has no hold on the properties of one who has sought the kingdom and found it!

Who can stand at this time and declare “I have fought the good fight of faith”….

It is Jesus and only Jesus that should be our desire! This really does not mean that we forsake our jobs and professions to dive into mission… Rather, it is a call to turn our jobs into a mission oriented profession! Peter never stopped fishing, he only started fishing men! It was a change of course. What a glorious transition from the earthly system?

How could it be when every Christian Banker greets customers with “welcome to our Bank! But remember to store your golds in heaven where mots shall not destroy them”?

How could it be when cafeterias have Christians who always greet customers with “welcome sir! Hope you had a nice meal? But remember that Man shall not live by bread alone but by God’s rhema word”?

How could it be when even shoe makers tell their customers “I may walk through the valleys of shadows of death but I fear to evil because I walk with Jesus… Can you join me?”

What a thing it could be if the commercial drivers tell their passengers “welcome on board! But never forget that Jesus is the way to God”?

What a glorious thing it should be when we talk about the kingdom everywhere, every time and in every business! Paul was sure he fought the good fight of faith! Can you boldly declare that in your life?

Think about it!


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