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Today on George’s Diary, we are celebrating the mother’s all over the world! George has come up with a classical poem dedicated to the future mothers. He calls it “The Future Mothers:”

Stanza One.
Just beyond what our precepts can guess,
Like a walk in the colorful bows of heaven,
Just beyond beauty who in white they dress,
Like the ultimate rose in holdings of its haven,
What a creature the Divine has made thee become.

Stanza Two.
Perturbed by the angel thou has just become,
Thy relentless antagonist get lost in desperation,
To a place of glory and light thou hast come,
Now in thee lies the ability to cause liberation,
Yes, not thy doing but He already caused it be.

Stanza Three.
In the Spirit of eternity didst thou function,
Thy compassion strongly made for motherhood,
A great mother in you seest thou not the unction,
For the giver of life has prepared thee as hood,
Though he be the head ye are favour from above.

Stanza Four.
How blessed he that finds thee is made,
How blessed are they thou callest thy kiddie,
For even in tears thy aura causes blue to fade,
A great mother shall her children also call buddy,
No wonder for thou has grown to be Queen Esther.

Let me explain this poem to you.
The first stanza talks about the mystery of a woman while acknowledging that God made it so, George likens it to the mystery of walking in the rainbow saying it is something beyond just being beauitful in appearance.

In the second stanza, George explains that even the enemies of this woman who doesn’t want to give up on fighting her are confused as she seem to be a guide to people and a victor over the devil through Jesus Christ. It is also obvious that God gave her an ability, not of her own but of His power, through grace, to bring people to liberation.

In the third stanza, George explain that this woman has the Spirit of eternity, he therefore makes it clear that she is born again for only such possess such attribute. Her compassion, according to George is designed in her to make her a good mother. George uses “he” here which means he wasn’t talking about God but an earthly authority which signifies a husband; in that George says she is a favour from God to him!

In the Last Stanza, A clear picture is seen! The woman is unmarried. He who finds a wife in her is blessed, and her children is blessed too! Like the Biblical Queen Esther with whom the sorrows of the Jews faded away because she was present, the nations will experience joy for her sake.

Today is mothering sunday in the Anglican Church! As George commemorate this special day in celebration of all the mothers around the world, he also commemorate with every young lady out there who is born again and yet to be called wife and mother! They are the mysterious women… Who the world is confused about!

Hope you are blessed by this poetic devotional. Remain blessed as always. We will come your way again with yet another powerful devotional! Please take a time to tell your mothers and the future mothers what they mean to you!

Happy Mothering Sunday!

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