ask George 2

Good morning George!
I really want you to advice me. Almost all the courses in the university doesn’t move me. I don’t desire to be a lawyer or an engineer but I really want to be highly educated. How can I not want any course and yet be educated? Sometimes, I wonder if I am normal at all… It is only music that gives me joy.
– Emeka, Nigeria


Dear Emeka, I understand the feeling you get when you seem to think you’re thinking odd unlike your mates who always desire big-name courses! But it is normal, you are really normal and mentally sound. This is a question of what you are very happy to do and what you can put all your time and passion into. There is no need to beat about the bush seeking for a high profile course… Many times I am afraid when young people say they want to venture into music, modeling or acting! That is because many of them are only inspired by other people’s success and the trend! However, if you’re genuinely passionate about music and not because some other people are doing it, then stop waiting! You can pursue for a degree in music!

Many people made it in music without really furthering their education or doing music in school. But let’s not be deceived, they made money and became famous but they made no impact on what music is… I mean, they simply followed the norms. But having expressed your desire for education, you will really need to enroll for music. Its university programmes are designed to produce skillful, versatile and experienced musicians, emphasis being placed on performance and competent musicianship. The theoretical and practical courses serve to explain and complement one another, thus preparing the graduates and diplomats to appreciate, analyze, practice and communicate African and world music as performance as well as literary art.

There will be lots of opposition from friends and well wishers, your sponsors might even see your decision to study music as a waste of money and time! But a true musician needs to learn the art of music! You can’t challenge the norms of music when you don’t know those norms.

I will still want to insist: be sure that you’re really passionate and in love with music. If you picked interest in music simply because some other persons became famous in it, you may loose interest on your way because it doesn’t come that easy… It only takes passion to keep going! However, try to also find other things you can do and also develop them… Those things can really be of help to you even as a musician.

Thanks and God bless you.

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