Male Children are not superior to female children!

Parents should stop making their female children think they are worth nothing! It is heresy, anti-christian, anti-moral, anti-human and anti-social to make female children think they are very inferior! In most families, the elder sister must respect the junior brother who in turn neglects the sister who in reality deserves more respect! I have seen families where junior brothers have the right to discipline their elder sisters! That is wickedness, stupidity and undeserving! If you are a mother and you keep asking your female children to bow for their little ones because they are boys, you’re one of the persons playing major roles in the moral decline in the society. When a lady feels very inferior in her family, she can feel inferior outside and she will begin to see herself and someone who is very useless! It is time we say no to female-discrimination! Children are blessings from God whether they are female or male, no child is better than the other! If we should be looking at benefits, then you’re been myopic to think that male children are more beneficial than female children!

Many kings have wasted their lives in search of a male child, fathers and mothers have soiled their hands and committed adultery simply because they are searching for an heir! I hate it when we think that being an “heir” is a masculine affair! Who told you that crap? Who is feeding you with such jargon? It is stupidity to think that female children cannot handle affairs! This ill thought has to be gotten rid off! Take a look at England, take a look at Denmark…. Don’t you see their monarchy? Queen Elizabeth was there when England colonized many countries, she is still there now! Have England collapsed? Have England gone noughts? It is time we stop worshipping male children like demi-gods. It is time we give the female children sense of belonging!

I don’t want to go back into Genesis, it may make this post a bit longer! But I want to clearly say this, we have been very unfair to the female folks! Religion is unfair to them, tradition is unfair to them and even families where they are supposed to confide in are unfair to them. And do you know the result? It has resulted to prostitution and waywardness! Don’t ask how ‘cos I will tell ya!

We have neglected the female folks in various ways! We have failed to give them moral care like we gave many male children, some of these males who in spite of that are big disgrace to morality! We have failed to allow the female children engage in duties that makes them stronger and even more creative simply because we misquoted Peter and declared them “inferior vessels”. We gave our male children more quality education and the best we gave most of our female children is “college education”! Look at females who received quality education, are they not making waves? In Nigeria alone, I can talk about Chimamanda Adichie, Ngozi Oknojo-iwela and the rest of them!

If you know what you can do for your male children, do the same for your female children!



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