“The good man does not escape all troubles — He has them too. But the Lord helps him in each and everyone” Psalm 34:19 (LB)

I heard a man once say “if you want to escape all troubles, do good things”. Yes, doing good things can help you overcome some problem but unfortunately it can’t help you overcome all problems. Even the good man does not escape troubles. I want us to understand the word used there… “the good man does not…” and not “the good man cannot…” It means a good man does not escape all troubles but can overcome it.

God can do anything to bring glory to himself! Sometimes God allows troubles and problems to help us get even greater victories out of seeming defeat. Many times unpleasant things may happen to get us closer to each other, sometimes they happen to keep us humble and sometimes they happen to make us become prayerful. So, even troubles and tribulations are converted to goodness for us! We may have the same bad experience with an unbeliever but we don’t end up in the same way! If we can gladly allow God have His way, we will discover that those unpleasant experience has a divinely-set purpose. No wonder, the Holy Spirit reminded us through Paul

“And we know that all things that happens to us is working for our good if we love God and (all things) are fitting into His plans.” — Romans 8:28

You see, as long as you love God and believe in Him, all things turns around for your good! You’ll only need to be patient with the situations and see where it is leading you! Whatever God does, He does in love! So, the afflictions of the righteous can be many, as many as uncountable! But that is not the end, the Lord will deliver the righteous from all of them! It is not some but all! He doesn’t just deliver us from it, He turns everything to our good! That is situation conversion!

The next time you’re afflicted, hold God by His word. Not that God has forgottn His promise but He wants people to believe He is capable of doing it! You can’t believe when you don’t love Him or know Him! God said

“My people perish because they lack knowledge”

Our God is a situtaion converter and He is already doing that in your life right now!

PRAYER: God, according to your word… Let every affflictions I am experiencing be converted to goodness! Deliver me from them all. In Jesus name, amen.

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