“Master, to whom shall we go to? You alone have the words that give eternal life” John 6:68

Our need for Jesus sometimes doesn’t become obvious. The followers of Jesus in the Bible even had their own share of doubts. Sometimes we are put up to a challenge by circumstances on the question of who Jesus is. There always come a time when people around us are beginning to drift away from Jesus, when even our best friends are beginning to leave us because we have aligned ourselves with Jesus. That was the case of the Disciples who would later become apostles. It came to a point when Jesus had to ask them

“do you also want to go away?” John 6:67

I believe it was a moment of thought, whatever the answer might have been I believe it didn’t come out at once or accidentally! The question gave them reasons to think deeply and reason on the importance of Jesus. Even if they had wanted to go away from Jesus, the question had helped give them moments of reasoning. As they thought over and over it again, they realised it can only be Jesus all the time. Not because of wealth, not because of health but because of something beyond that! The words of eternal life. We must come to the point where nothing else can equal His presence in our life, where nothing else can stand between us and Him. What point is that? A point where we believe nothing else but Jesus and His words. You can only understand the Sonship of Jesus when you believe in His words that contains eternal life. What does that mean? It means His words are mighty to save. Peter continued,

“…and we believe them (your word) and know you are the Holy Son of God” John 6:69

Today, this will serve the same purpose it has served to the Disciples. Why are you following Jesus? If you had other sources of wealth and health, will you still follow Jesus? Can anything replace Jesus in your life?

PRAYER: Lord, even if the world turns upside down, I will keep loving you.

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