God knows that it is not good for a man to be alone. We need to understand the meaning of that statement, it doesn’t just mean “it is not good for a man to be without wife”,  in a broader perspective, God was saying “it is not good for a man to be idle and without a companion”. The action that follows that statement reveals what God meant by saying that. By saying “not good”, we need to define it contextually. It doesn’t mean that what God created is not good, it means that the being of man by himself is not good, in the sense that the mandate of “multiply and subdue the earth” must be met not by a man alone. (The wo-man was inside the man but it wasn’t yet her time to manifest). Being alone prevents man from fulfilling the design of creation (multiply and Subdue) and therefore it is not good.

There was a need for the earthly man to also experience earthly companionship. The Spirit man was not lonely, it was the body of man that needed companionship. Man in the context of the first account is a spirit but in the context of the second account the man referred to here is the physical man. The first move of God was to bring the animals to the man but there is another mystery to unleash here. God did not bring the animals to the man for companionship. Remember, the man had the woman inside of him and had a task given to him

“The Lord formed out of the ground every living animal… he brought it to the man to see what he would name them, and whatever he called the living creature that was its name” Genesis 2:19

Although the union of between man and woman called marriage was endorsed even before the formation of man commenced, God did not allow it to manifest immediately. The man was feeling lonely because he was less busy. God gave him a work to do, to name the animals. In the same manner, there are certain things one ought to achieve while single, there are certain duties married people cannot faithfully carry out because marriage can be a distraction. In fact, relationships can be distractions from many tasks that would have been faithfully carried out when single. Paul was not wrong when he wrote to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 7:32-34

“…An unmarried man can spend his time doing the Lord’s work and thinking how to please him. But a married man can’t do that so well; he has to think about his earthly responsibilities and how to please his wife. His interests are divided. It is the same with a girl who marries…”

Every human have two responsibilities, the kingdom and the earthly responsibility. Note that Adam’s kingdom responsibility was to name the living creatures and his earthly responsibility was to dominate and take charge of the earth. God actually gave human a name but God gave humans the right to continue with what He started. If Eve was presented to Adam before the naming of the animals took place, Adam will be distracted from naming the animals and so will also be the case of Eve. Adam and Eve will be so much concerned with pleasing themselves and their offsprings. Infact, Adam may not even have finished naming the animals before they will be casted out of the garden if Eve was presented to him earlier. That is also the case in the present world. Many people are into relationships that is denying them their total commitment to God, relationships are not sinful when done in the right way but they can be great distractions. God knows that and that was why he gave Adam a kingdom duty when Adam was less busy. It was when Adam was completely done with that task that God gave him that God addressed his want for a companion.

This can lead to many other revelations. It is not right to live with someone you are not yet ready to get married to. If indeed you know that you’re not ready for marriage then you’re simply not ready to live with your lover or fiancé. In the previous presentation, we discussed “The Concept of Marriage” and in the next presentation, we will be looking at “The Reality or Manifestation of Marriage”, by that I mean the Manifestation of a union that already existed.

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