Purposely Different (Extra feature)


My perception of life changed the moment I discovered who I am. I got the definition of myself the moment I was able to hold on to God. The biggest discovery I made in life was not how to love God but how God loves me… From that discovery, I was able to know how to love God. My romance with Good became very intimate. From all ramifications, I have not been very faithful but He was and is always faithful, I have not been very sacrificial but He has been… The biggest sacrifice God made was beyond human reasoning… We understood it as sacrificing His son but I understood it more that He actually sacrificed himself through the Son!

My relationship with God has greatly improved my relationship with people. I may not really be so caring as expected but there is something about my character that is greatly inspired by divinity. I may consciously or unconsciously wrong people… Yet, I have a conscience that makes me wanna get it right every time. Not because I want to win God’s love…. He already loves me beyond my imaginations… It’s just that I want to live as God lives, I want the divine character to be evident in me and I want to always be inspired by love before carrying out every of my actions.

I wish I can meet every one I have wronged in the past, at least they will evidently confirm that I am not the same… I wish I can hug everyone I come across, so that I can prove how admirable everyone looks to me right now. Some people may not really know I wronged them and I may not really know I wronged some people but right now I see myself walking towards perfection which only God can give. To all that I happened not to treat well, accept my sincere apology.

I no longer judge or criticize people with ease, I have come to believe in the future of many sinners and I have come to acknowledge the past of many saints. Before we conclude about people, let us always be aware that Change is possible. If Saul can be changed to Paul, Theif  can be changed to Steve. Inasmuch as I don’t endorse being mealymouthed in telling people how bad their actions are, I am strongly of the opinion that we must not neglect telling people how good God can make them become and how willing God is to make them become saints. Let’s see people the way Jesus sees them…. I am trying to maintain my new found perception in Christ.

When you find me dancing, playing, laughing and eating instead of being moody and in “meditation” mood everytime coupled with fasting, I will like you to understand that spirituality is not quietness. I love going on outings like everyone else but in the right place, I love dancing like everyone else, I love laughing and even playing with kids… But it doesn’t mean being unserious  where I am supposed to be serious.

Finally, my mind is made up to the service of God! I have been set apart for the worship and service of the kingdom and I have no plans of resigning… I have no plans on giving up and as I keep trusting in the strength of God, I will stand for the gospel and nothing but the gospel. It is all about Jesus…. That is why #I_AM_PURPOSELY_DIFFERENT

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