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They spent their time learning from the apostles, and they were like family to each other. They also broke bread and prayed together. – The Acts 2:42 CEV

It is true that Church attendance doesn’t make you a Christian but a Christian must attend Church services regularly. See it this way, not all that attend Church is a Christian but a Christian must attend Church services!

The Bible tells us we need to attend church so we can worship God with other believers and be taught His Word for our spiritual growth. The early church “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer”. We should follow that example of devotion—and do the same thing.

Day after day they met together in the temple. They broke bread together in different homes and shared their food happily and freely. – The Acts 2:46

Back then, they had no designated church building, but they continued meeting in the temple of the jews and even had house fellowships. Wherever the meeting takes place, believers thrive on fellowship with other believers and the teaching of God’s Word.

All Saints Cathedral, Onitsha

Church attendance is beyond a “good suggestion”; it is God’s will for believers. Hebrews 10:25 says

“Some people have got out of the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that. We should keep on encouraging each other, especially since you know that the day of the Lord’s coming is getting closer.”

Just as we are experiencing it now, it was so in the early church. Some failed into the wrong habit of not meeting with other believers. The writer of Hebrews says it is very wrong. We all need the teachings that only Church attendance can afford. The approach of end time ought to compel us to take Church attendance seriously.

Church is the place where believers can love one another

“No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is truly in our hearts.” 1 John 4:12,

Church is a place of mutual encouragement Hebrews 3:13,

“You must encourage one another each day. And you must keep on while there is still a time that can be called “today”. If you don’t, then sin may fool some of you and make you stubborn.”

There are many other reasons like:
∆ “spur” one another to love and good works (Hebrews 10:24 ),
∆ serve one another (Galatians 5:13 ),
∆ instruct one another ( Romans 15:14 ),
∆ honor one another (Romans 12:10 ),
∆ be kind and compassionate to one another (Ephesians 4:32 ).

When a person trusts Jesus Christ for salvation, he or she is made a member of the body of Christ

“Together you are the body of Christ. Each one of you is part of his body”. – 1 Corinthians 12:27

For a church body to function properly, all of its “body parts” need to be present and active as written in 1 Corinthians 12:14–20 .

“Our bodies don’t have just one part. They have many parts. Suppose a foot says, “I’m not a hand, and so I’m not part of the body.” Wouldn’t the foot still belong to the body? Or suppose an ear says, “I’m not an eye, and so I’m not part of the body.” Wouldn’t the ear still belong to the body? If our bodies were only an eye, we couldn’t hear a thing. And if they were only an ear, we couldn’t smell a thing. But God has put all parts of our body together in the way that he decided is best.  A body isn’t really a body, unless there is more than one part. It takes many parts to make a single body. Together you are the body of Christ. Each one of you is part of his body.”

It’s not enough to just be present in Church service; we should be involved in varioius type of ministry to others, using the spiritual gifts and abilities God has bestowed to us. No wonder, Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:11–13

“Christ chose some of us to be apostles, prophets, missionaries, pastors, and teachers, so that his people would learn to serve and his body would grow strong. This will continue until we are united by our faith and by our understanding of the Son of God. Then we will be mature, just as Christ is, and we will be completely like him.  We must stop acting like children. We must not let deceitful people trick us by their false teachings, which are like winds that toss us around from place to place.”

A believer will never reach full spiritual maturity without having that outlet for his gifts, and we all need the assistance and encouragement of other believers as boldly declared by apostle Paul to the Corinthian Christians and us as well

“That’s why the eyes cannot say they don’t need the hands. That’s also why the head cannot say it doesn’t need the feet. In fact, we cannot get along without the parts of the body that seem to be the weakest. We take special care to dress up some parts of our bodies. We are modest about our personal parts, but we don’t have to be modest about other parts. God put our bodies together in such a way that even the parts that seem the least important are valuable. He did this to make all parts of the body work together smoothly, with each part caring about the others. If one part of our body hurts, we hurt all over. If one part of our body is honoured, the whole body will be happy.” – 1 Corinthians 12:21–26

For these reasons and more, church attendance, participation, and fellowship should be regular aspects of a believer’s life. Failure to attend church service is not a sin but makes no sense to avoid it! You need it for your spiritual maturity. Weekly church attendance is in no sense “required” for believers, but someone who belongs to Christ should have a desire to worship God, receive His Word, and fellowship with other believers.

Jesus is the Cornerstone of the Church as written by Saint Peter in 1 Peter 2:6-7

“It is just as God says in the Scriptures, “Look! I am placing in Zion a choice and precious cornerstone. No one who has faith in that one will be disappointed.”   You are followers of the Lord, and that stone is precious to you. But it isn’t precious to those who refuse to follow him. They are the builders who tossed aside the stone that turned out to be the most important one of all.”

and we are “like living stones . . . being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ”. As the building materials of God’s “spiritual house,” we naturally have a connection with one another, and that connection is evident every time the Church “goes to church.”

Remember, it is God’s will that you attend Church meetings and become very active. With this I say to you

“May the peace of the Lord, which passes all understanding be with your hearts and mind. Go into the world and shine like light, forsaking the patterns of the world and embracing the kingdom lifestyle. May the Lord be with you”


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