The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”
Zephaniah 3:17 NIV

It often baffle me when I hear preachers tell people that God hates them because of some mistakes! It reminds me of what I was told some years back. I was told that God hates me and will kill me! I think such messages are not just wrong, they are lies!

God is not angry with you, he was angry and that was why he sent Jesus! He is no longer angry! His anger was not even out of hatred! It was out of love…


The Bible made bold to say in John 3:16 “God so much loved the world and he sacrificed his only begotten son for the sake of the world he loved”! This does not mean God feels good when we sin, it makes him sad! But it doesn’t make him hate us! Right from the start, God had always permitted man to come! It is only when we come that we can be cleansed!

Come, let’s consider your options,” says the LORD. “Though your sins have stained you like the color red, you can become white like snow; though they are as easy to see as the color scarlet, you can become white like wool. (Isaiah 1:18 Net Bible)

We can understand this place better using the Pulpit commentary:

Verse 18. – “Come now, and let us reason together.”

God has from time to time permitted man to reason with him (Genesis 18:23-32 ; Exodus 4:1-17 ; Job 23:3-7 ; Micah 6:2 ); but it is difficult to see that there is any “reasoning” or “controversy” here. Mr. Cheyne translates, “Let us bring our dispute to an end.” Though your sins be as scarlet… like crimson ; i.e. “open, evident, glaring.” Or there may be an allusion to their blood-guiltiness (see vers. 15, 19). They shall be as white as snow. Compare Psalm 51:7 , which is completely parallel, whether it was written before or after. There can be no better image of, purity than snow (Job 9:30 ; Lamentations 4:7 ). As wool. A weaker illustration than the preceding one, but needed for the parallelism. (The resemblance of falling snow to wool is noted in Psalm 147:16 .)

So you see? God does not hate you! He wants you to come! Are you suffering from an addiction? Never let it draw you back! God wants to reason with you. Once you come to him, he provides you with an overcoming strength! No matter the problem you find yourself in, God who can make a dirty heart become white as snow can also turn your life around! 1 Peter 5:7

Prayer: Lord, I surrender all to you! I am withholding nothing from you! I thank you for loving me, thank you for being there even when I didn’t care! Right now, I cast all my burdens to you (mention the burdens), I believe change is possible! In Jesus name, Amen

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