“God is dead! His promises have expired! God is no longer saving people…. It is time you stop giving yourselves false hope! If he is not dead why are you passing through a lot! Why doesn’t he just make you rich at a go?”

To some points the above is exactly the voice we hear the most when we are passing through difficulties, that is the Devil speaking! He wants you to loose hope in God! But I have got a good news for you today! Just read on!

Keep on being brave! It will bring you great rewards. Learn to be patient, so that you will please God and be given what he has promised.

Hebrews 10:35-36 (CEV)


Most times, were are faced with very hard truths concerning Christianity! One of them is that even though we have been saved from this world, we may have to face various persecutions from the world! Why is that so?

The Devil will want to do everything possible to see that you quit your walk with God! He will employ so many strategies because he definitely wants you to reach a conclusion that “it is useless and impossible to be a Christian!”. But today, a great message is ringing bells in your ears ” keep on been brave!”. We have a promise that cannot fail us!

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you” Isaiah 43:2 (NIV)

God understands the situation, but he had also promised to be with us through the rivers of difficulty! The waves and storms might look so fearful but Jesus is always there to calm the storm! (Matthew 4:39) and he was always give us breakthrough inside the fire as we pass through it! He doesn’t allow us stay in the fire for long! We pass through it (Daniel 3:25)

God is always there.... When you even don't feel he is around.

Even in the midst of hungry lions, God can still give you breakthrough! All you have to do is to keep on being “Brave!” As long as you keep on trusting on God, you will see his promises manifest in your life!

The problem with some Christians is that to some points they quickly stopped being brave! They impatiently decides that the very state they found themselves is where God has abandoned them! We’re must note that one of the missions of the Devil is to “deceive”.

When you are brave, you stand firm in God! You are unshaken in every situation because you already know that God cannot abandon you there! He will grant you breakthrough and he will always elevate you! When you stand firm in God, you are pleasing him! That means when you don’t stand firm in him, you are pleasing the Devil!

It is time to suppress the voice of deceit with the voice of God’s word! God is always there! He cannot be dead!

PRAYER: Lord, I thank you because I know that in every storms of difficulty and fire of oppression, you are right there with me!

CONFESSION: I am not moved by what I see! I am moved by the word of God! I will always walk through the fire! I shall mount like an eagle! I cannot be abandoned by God! God loves me so much! He is right here with me, in good times and bad!

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