This is a true life story… It is not another man’s story. It is my own story… Read and be blessed.

My name is Onyedika George Nnadozie. I was born on 20th of February in the year 1990. My mum told me I was the only child who gave her no troubles while I was in her womb. She said the only problem she had was that she loved every food. On the contrary, she losses appetite in pregnancy.

I was born into a Christian family. My parents are serious Anglicans, I am more serious Anglican today. My childhood age was different from that of my mates because we were not permitted to do what our mates were doing. We were not permitted to have friends… At least we kept records of our friendships secret. I was never a part of the Anglican Children Ministries… My parents never wanted any kind of mingling! But they trusted Scripture Union enough to let us attend on Sundays.

Cutting a birthday cake in Winners International School during his JSS2 class

I started preaching and a very tender age when I was in Primary Three after I received a clear heavenly instruction to get up and go preach! That simple instruction set me aside from my peers… I never mingled with friends. After my Primary school days I was sent to St. Christopher’s Junior Seminary. I came back home as a criminal! The school did not ask us to steal, I did not learn it from friends… I simply learned it from hardship. I did not have the Holy Spirit then… I have not even formally had any personal relationship with God! But wow! God spoke to me, to preach! What was I preaching? Was the voice really from God? Since I did not have the Holy Spirit to teach me all things, hardship was teaching me how to be a hard man.

I was not a fornicator… I never tried it! I never joined cult like many young people around us. My only problem was that I always steal from my parents. Just like Jesus said… If you are guilty of one, you are guilty of all! The funny thing was, I don’t steal outside… I only tried it once or twice!

I was withdrawn from the seminary to Winners International School… I was the vice Chapel Prefect… But something was still lacking.

Now the story begins….

I heard a lot of messages, I answered altar calls many times, I cried over and over again, I pleaded for mercy so many times because I had no choice, I feared demons at midnight because I believed I needed extra Grace to scare the Demons. I went to ministries, deliverance, Salvation, fire and other kinds of ministries in sought of deliverance, strength and God’s mercies… Instead of getting what I sought for, they told me I will die at the age of 16.

Why? I always stole from my parents pocket. I was told by them that God said He is angry with me… And no prayers can make Him change his mind. I believed them. I slowly began to fade out. At the age of 15 all I see was death! I loved the Lord with all my heart but I could not prove it by keeping the law. I never stole from my parents because I wanted to wicked them, I did not do it because I hated them or God. My parents prepared for my passing out, I prepared too!

At a point, my siblings were instructed to avoid me like a virus! They were not to talk to me, else I might also get them stealing! The bible said after all “evil company corrupt good manners”. But one thing was certain, I began to feel I loved God more than he loves me.. So many times when am alone, I questioned his existence. At a point… I stopped believing in a good God. The God I knew was a wicked one.

But in JSS 3-SS2 I questioned God’s existence. To me, my weakness was too much for God to handle. As the time of my death drew near… All my prayer was ” God… When I die, I don’t want to go to hell, have mercy and make me the least in heaven “. Even as I was praying those prayers, I had plans on how to steal the little ” Change” in my parents room. I did not want to but I still did it!

People outside my family knows me as a good boy who preached when he was little… But for me, my family and those ministers who prayed for me… I was a good boy turned bad, a boy who is going to die soon as a result of God’s anger…

What happened to me as I clocked 16? Did I die? … Read my next article to see what happened to me!


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