HUSBANDS &  FUTURE HUSBANDS…. Beware! Be warned!!!!
by George O.N

I came across some groups of men drinking beer and making cheer mockery of their marriage and their wives. I heard them say clearly “you don’t continue to eat same soup every day. At least, sometimes you need to change soup… So, we can have sex outside marriage. After all, they are just women”

They are just women? I have a word from God to every man out there.

Malachi 2:13-16

God hates unfaithfulness. God does not answer the prayer of any man who is unfaithful to the wife. Not just been unfaithful in terms of adultery but also in term of hatred. If you promised to love your wife but you hate her, God is not with you. God is the witness between you and your wife, you belong to God in Spirit and Body, he expects you to act like him. So, when you conform to the world methods God will not protect you from violence.

Just in case you are not aware, God hates divorce. When you divorce your wife because you hate her, I am telling you with all authority, your prayers will remained unanswered. No wonder Peter said “they stumble because they disobey the message” 1Peter 2:8 Peter did not stop there. He also talked about Husbands who does not treat their wives with respect. It is a hindrance to their prayers. You are an enemy of God when you are an enemy of your wife. 1 Peter 3:7

Some one might ask “but how?”
OK. The first man was created “male and female” (Genesis 1:27) God separated them (Genesis 2:21-23.) Then God instituted marriage, so that by it they become one flesh as they are originally made (Genesis 2:24).

In Mark 10:8, by marriage 2 becomes one. Not just one in purpose but in spirit, soul and body. In Verse 9 Jesus said “Let no man put separate what God has joined together”, this includes the husband. Let those who are for putting away their wives consider what would become of themselves, if God should deal with them in like manner. A Kingdom divided against itself will surely fall!

In Ephesians 5:31,33, Paul admitted how mysterious the union is. If you cannot comfortably unite with a woman for the rest of your life, then better don’t get yourself involved.

I am warning all husbands and all future husband. It will be hell for you if choose to hate your wife, great her like a nobody and neglect her. You must take her as yourself. I did not say so, it is the word of God to you been spoken through me. Just like Malachi admitted in Malachi 1:1 “A Prophecy: the word of the Lord to Isreal through Malachi”


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