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By George O.N

“I can mention so many Pentecostal churches where 6services is very possible on Sundays. The Anglican Church is dead! If not why are there reports of near closure of some Churches in UK? Even in Nigeria where it seems to be vibrant, why is it just normally 2 services where the second service is usually scarcely filled?”

I bet you! Someone asked that! I want to also answer you with just one example here on the media so that others who ask or want to ask such questions can be satisfied.

Mbadinuju, a former governor of Anambra state once wrote that “…the Anglican Church is dead while the Pentecostal church is the Church God is using in this time.

I wouldn’t want to start talking about Nigerian Anglican Pastors who are so spirit and word filled, whose voice is heard even in our sister Pentecostal-Churches, people in the likes of Ven. Ndubuisi Obi, Ven. Isreal Odita, Rev. Canon Iyke Egbuonu, Rev. Canon Goddy Iloka, Rev. Canon Fred Nwachukwu, Rev. Mike Okoh and still counting! I wouldn’t want to talk about Rev. Iyke Egbuonu’s over flooded services here in Anambra state. I just want to use a particular church in the UK, this is a Church I respect so much, a Church I seem to be so close to even while here in Nigeria!

Rev. Nicky, vicar of HTB

It is the popular Holy Trinity, Brompton. The Church has four centres and it is the home for Worship Central, the St Paul’s Theological Centre and the Alpha Course. It is the most influential Church in the Church of England. They run 10 services every Sunday! Yes! You heard me right, 10 over flooded services every Sunday.
The services includes Family services, formal services (it features the traditional liturgy and professional choir), informal services (featuring contemporary music, intense worship and longer teachings).


Many Churches in the UK has been revived by Holy Trinity, Brompton and many Anglican Churches is becoming home to the “un-churched” and “de-churched” persons! Many are being converted and baptised into Christianity!

I culled statements written by Eben Harrell in Sunday, December 21, 2008 on the popular Times Magazine. It reads thus:


“The focal point for many of these new believers is Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), an evangelical Anglican church in plush Kensington. The church’s 4000-strong congregation has almost tripled in the past 15 years, and its average age is 27 years. While HTB does not keep records of these young converts’ wealth, a look at its bulging collection that offers some clue: the church raised over $7 million from donations last year alone (An average London parish, by contrast, can expect to raise around $150,000, according to data provided by the Anglican church). The church has become so popular that it recently began encouraging hundreds of its congregation to attend dying churches around London — as much to ease its own congestion than anything else.


Underpinning this success is Holy Trinity Brompton’s Alpha course, a 10-week introduction to Christianity aimed at converting young people. Since the course was first run out of HTB’s basement in 1990, it has gone global and reached more than 11 million people across various denominations. But it is at home where its appeal is most apparent. Every Wednesday, crowds of teenagers and twenty something line up hundreds deep at Holy Trinity Brompton for a chance to share a free meal, listen to a sermon, sing devotional songs and decide if they want to let Jesus into their heart. “ © 2008, Times Magazine


I love the Catholic Church, I love the Anglican Church and I love the Pentecostal Church. We are marching on and the gates of hell shall not prevail. Christians must stop criticizing one another and start commending and encouraging them! That is the meaning of being an Anglican afterall! Anglican as a tradition is via-medium, a place where Pentecostalism, orthodoxy and catholic beliefs meets together!

Alpha course

#PhotoCredit: Nicky Gumbel (Vicar), David Walker (Assitant Pastor of HTB), Church auditorium, Holy Trinity, Brompton

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  1. I will want Rev Canon, Iyke Egbonu to minister in our church, but I lost his contact, could you help me with his contact once again?

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