I want to make it as short as possible and yet, very precise.
These little girls you see today will become the mothers tomorrow. Whatever you sow in them is what you shall reap! If you sowed in a negative seed, you will reap a negative mother and the same goes for positivity. I understand some females are weak and vulnerable, that is more reason you should help protect them rather than try taking advantage of them. Stop lying to ladies about love when you don’t mean it. Stop trying to get their attention when you really know in your heart that you don’t give a damn. Don’t even think about intimacy when you are still not legible. If love should lead, then I think our actions needs to show it too! Guys face your future and stop running after shadows! Do you need an icon of beauty around you? Then be that man who is worthy of really having her around… Face your future, when the time comes, you can never be denied what is rightfully yours.

Always have this at the back of your mind. If you have Jesus, you have everything.


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