Hello Dearest Girls,

I stumble into so many feminine pictures on social networks. It’s charming, sexy, attractive and beautiful. I am a feminist; I am currently working on a book “DEDICATED TO WOMEN”, for you to know I don’t hate the females. I see ladies the way Jesus sees them.

I understand a lot of weakness in the female folks, I understand you will want to look sexy, you’ll want to send guys of guard and at least dominate their mind, you will want to get attention, and you will want to look feminine.

Mhmm, that’s good and great! It’s natural and it’s important you love and value your body. But I want to put in my very little advice and I hope you understand me: it is good to look good. Dress fine and dress charming but I think it’s also important you put a limit to any fashion style you want to adapt to.  Be in charge of fashion; don’t let fashions be in charge of you.

Truth is, you have an audience, they may hail you but in there heart they see you as a cheap girl seeking for attention. Some see you as a big bite but has no respect for your values. Only very few men out there can actually understand and truly respect you and your values (I do). Many men will feel you’re a good friendship material but they may question how good you’ll be in marriage.  They can take you out but they can’t take you in because your dressing speaks of a different you.

Truth is, some pictures will definitely get guys flocking around you… it doesn’t mean they really like or hate you, they were hypnotised by what they saw. Me too, so they may praise you for what they feel inside, in reality they may not value you.

I commend your fashion sense, I love you even (sure, I do… many does too). Clothes are meant to cover some sections of our body…  Get them covered.

The risky thing here is not only that you are tempting some folks; it is that you will end up attracting the wrong people. When people like you because you are sexy, it the “sex-y” that they are interested in. Once they have their way, they move away.

Look good, look attractive… but, don’t dress to kill! Wear things that will make people respect and value you. I love you.

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