Where sin abound, grace super-abound. Now, do we continue in sin that grace abound? Romans 6:1

If you want to fully maximize your potentials as a Christian, you need to live a holy life and maintain good morals. Let me tell you what sin does to a Christian:

It grieves the holy spirit in us. It brings chances of unbelief and it gives a wrong portray of who we are. Eph 4:30

We live out our full potentials if we do not thrive the Holy Spirit that dwells within us as Christians. Holiness is to our ultimate advantage.

David said “your word I have hidden in my heart”. You can live a holy life by abiding by God’s word, holy life is necessary and essential! It is through his word we are gotten rid of all sin! Psalm 119:11

We are the temple of the Holy Spirit, sin and the Holy Spirit cannot co-habit the temple just as sickness and Holy Spirit cannot stay together in a temple! 1 Corint 6:19-20, Keep sin aside, and the Holy spirit will be maximized for effectiveness!

At first, sin might seem less destructive but as you go on in it, you’ll realize you are even beginning to doubt your own salvation! 2 Corint 13:5

Sin has been dealt with on the cross… So, don’t let it have dominion on you! Let the Holy Spirit dominate you. Romans 6:12, Psalm 119:113, Psalm 19:13. What does it mean? When sin dominates you, is has taken control of you and at that moment, you may have become so addicted that you may not feel like stopping any longer!

God’s grace keeps you and preserves you holy unto God!

Even when you sin, always know you have an advocate in heaven who intercedes on your behalf. 1 John 2:1 Walk in this consciousness and you’ll always overcome!

Approach the throne of grace with boldness! Heb 4:16. Be confident that God will forgive you when you seek for forgiveness, be confident that God will help you when you seek for help including strength to overcome addictions! It is when you are confident that you will receive!

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, the sweet fellowship of Holy Ghost be with you (continue walking in the knowledge and consciousness of that grace, love and fellowship). The grace is with you if you believe in Jesus. 2 Corinthians 13:14.


George Onyedika Nnadozie
Facebook: George O.N
Twitter: @georgennad
Instagram: @geonnad

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