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George's Diary can simply be described as the Epistles of George O.N in this age! It features teachings on relationships, career, marriage, Christianity, Gender, life in general and lots more. George O.N also known as GracefulGeorge is a multi talented teacher of the New Testament Gospel who also minister in songs through his musical recordings. His video teachings are also available on youtube and he founded House of Vasileia, a group of young Christians from diverse backgrounds and denominations who are out for a radical change and revival! George's Diary teachings maintains a tradition of basing all its teachings in the context of the New Testament realities. WELCOME TO GEORGE'S DIARY

Life Changing Books...
Dedicated to Women

This book is meant for everyone who desire to be enriched with divine knowledge concerning women. Wether you are female or a male, this book will make you be the best you can be to a woman or a man because you will see that there is more to a woman than what you really ever knew!

The Love Story

It is often said that no one is perfect but not about Mark! Cynthia had seen Mark this way until she denied him just like Peter denied Jesus... She finally fell into the hands of Erebus, the bad guy of the story! Life became different or was that life at all?


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